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What is Hyperion?

Disrupting the Funding Industry

  • Hyperion allows investors to seamlessly invest in new assets and security tokens using cryptocurrencies or fiat, and have their capital placed without delay. New digital assets include security tokens, and security tokens with utility token rights, which can be exchanged for traditional cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Embracing Regulation

  • We set out to achieve the necessary compliance to be able to run a trading platform that can support the listing and trading of security tokens.

Banking on the Unbanked

  • Hyperion makes it easier for companies operating in alternative industries to raise capital, providing unbanked companies with access to greater liquidity and a progressive investor pool.

Democratizing Global Markets

  • Hyperion is breaking down legal and geographical barriers to give investors a truly global reach. Ideas know no borders. Neither should investors.

How It Works

Investors looking to place money in high-yielding security tokens & other cryptocurrencies.

Common Roadblocks

No place to search for, invest in & trade security tokens and traditional cryptocurrencies in a compliant manner.

Limited information available to investors on the security token asset class.

Large retail & institutional investor demand, which is growing.

No access to trade on exchanges like NYSE and TMX.

Advantages of Hyperion

Hyperion investors are able to invest in highly volatile crypto markets and diversify with more stable traditional capital markets on one platform.

Hyperion will provide investors with access to unique security token investment opportunities in various industries.

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